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Who We Are

Home of Mountain View Interactive Technology - MViT

A bright future starts with an IDEA. At MViT students start their scholastic journey on a path that seamlessly blends educational technology and academics. This environment promotes creativity and helps our staff to meet the unique needs of each student. Our hope is to inspire students, promote new ways to solve problems and shed light on how students can use technology--now and in the future--to learn.

  • INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGY: Teachers utilize and embed multiple educational technology tools into the instructional day across curricular content to enhance collaboration and communication, support the mastery of standard and foster innovation and creative problem solving.
  • DIGITAL DISCOVERY:  Students engage in collaborative partnerships such as cross-age tech/STEM buddies, teacher-led workshops and the MViT Tech Squad to expand student proficiency in accessing and using digital content, multiple media sources and educational applications.
  • EXPLORATION: Student-centered learning environments including Makerspace, 360 Math Lab, classrooms with flexible seating, and the Imagination Station for educational virtual-reality field trips, allow space for experiential, immersive and technology-enhanced activities.
  • AWARENESS: MViT is an accepting and empowering learning community built upon students' abilities and enhanced by its diverse population. Technology on campus supports equal access and differentiation.